Healesville Sanctuary

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Encounter the Wonders of Australian Wildlife at Healesville Sanctuary

Immerse yourself in the heart of Australian wildlife at Healesville Sanctuary, a true haven for Australia’s native animals. Located in the scenic Yarra Valley, this sanctuary offers a remarkable journey into the diversity and uniqueness of the country’s fascinating fauna.

A Closer Look at Australia’s Wildlife

Step into the world of kangaroos, koalas, emus, wombats, dingoes, and more. From the iconic Platypus to the critically endangered Helmeted Honeyeater, Healesville Sanctuary is home to over 200 species. Each animal habitat is meticulously designed to mirror the wild environments, providing visitors with an authentic and interactive experience.

Daily Shows and Keeper Talks

Healesville isn’t just about observing. It’s about engaging. Daily presentations like “Spirits of the Sky” and “Tales from Platypus Creek” give you an up-close look at these animals in action. Keeper talks provide:

  • Valuable insights into their behaviours.
  • Their roles in the ecosystem.
  • The conservation efforts to protect them.

Conservation and Research

At the heart of Healesville Sanctuary is its commitment to protection. The Sanctuary is involved in multiple breeding and recovery programs for endangered species. Its Australian Wildlife Health Centre treats injured wildlife, playing a vital role in animal conservation.

Insider Tips

  1. Plan Ahead: Check out the daily schedule online to ensure you don’t miss your favourite animal show or talk.
  2. Pack Wisely: Don’t forget your sun protection, comfortable shoes, and a water bottle.
  3. Support the Cause: Consider adopting an animal or donating to the zoo’s conservation programs. Every contribution helps protect Australia’s unique wildlife.

Visiting Healesville Sanctuary offers more than just a fun day out. It’s an opportunity to learn about, interact with, and contribute to the survival of Australia’s unique wildlife. Plan your visit today and dive into this wild adventure.

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