Blue Hill Berries & Cherries

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Sweet Delights at Blue Hills Berries and Cherries

Embark on a delightfully sweet adventure at Blue Hills Berries and Cherries, situated in the lush landscape of Silvan, Victoria. This family-run farm offers a fantastic opportunity to experience the joy of picking your own fresh, juicy berries and cherries straight from the tree.

An Orchard Full of Flavours

Blue Hills cultivates a variety of berries and cherries in their vast orchard. You’ll be spoilt for choice, whether it’s the rich red cherries, succulent strawberries, tart raspberries, or blackberries bursting with flavour.

A Fruitful Experience

Participate in the traditional pastime of fruit picking, where the vibrant rows of fruit trees and the satisfaction of filling your basket is an experience. Fruit-picking seasons vary, so be sure to check ahead.

Farmgate Shop and Cafe

After spending time in the orchard, visit the Farmgate Shop for pre-packed fruits, jams, and delicious fruit ice cream. The onsite café offers a selection of light meals and refreshments for you to enjoy amidst the serene farm environment.

Insider Tips

  1. Come Prepared: Wear comfortable clothes, sunscreen, and a hat. Closed shoes are advisable for walking through the orchards.
  2. Check the Seasons: Berry and cherry-picking seasons vary, so it’s best to check their website before planning your visit.
  3. Bring a Camera: The scenic orchards make for excellent photo opportunities!

Blue Hills Berries and Cherries offers an authentic farm experience that combines the joy of fruit picking with the pleasure of tasting the freshest produce. This is a fun and educational day out for families, friends, and fruit lovers of all ages.

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